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Reportofoane si accesorii

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5512 lei

CS-125 Soft case for VN and WS N2283926

6638 lei

CS-112 Carrying Case for WS N2269716

7439 lei

CS-113 Carrying Case for DS N2273516

7439 lei

A-322 AC Adapter (220V) (for DS-30/40/50, DM-10/20) 57752

9595 lei

CS-117 Carrying case for LS N2278926

11753 lei

E-99 Headphone 57747

13909 lei

ME-15 Microphone (for DS-2300; DS-2; DM-10,20; WS-300/310/320M) N1294726

14987 lei

CS-126 Multipurpose carrying case for WS, DS and DM N2282126

16065 lei

RS-29 Remote control for DS/30/40/50 N2272826

22534 lei

WJ-2 Wind Jammer V4581100W000

27925 lei

WJ-4 Wind Jammer for LS-100/LS-14/LS-12 V4581410W000

32239 lei

RS30W Remote controller for LS-10 N2276326

32239 lei

ME34 Microfon Compact Zoom V4571510E000

37629 lei

ME-51S Stereo Microphone (T Type) N1294626

69976 lei

ME-31 Compact gun microphone N2277526

85315 lei

LS-12 Linear PCM Recorder V409131TE000

93696 lei

AS-2400 Transcription Kit (incl. RS-28, DSS Player Rel.7, E-102) N2275726

1.61624 lei

AS-7000 Transcription Kit incl. RS-31, E-62 and ODMS Software V4511110E000

2.03208 lei

ME-30 2-Channel Conference Kit for DS30/40/50, WS-200/300M/310M/320M/331M N2274426

2.10610 lei

Reportofon DM-7 - incl. Carrying case, Strap, Rechargeable Li-ion battery, Sonority software, Canal Type Stereo Earphones, AC adaptor and USB cable V407151WE000

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